Loving God


GIVE THANKS unto the Lord. What else can you give Him? You can make a list of all the things that you can ‘give-up for God.’ But nothing compares to the thanksgiving that rises from your heart.

When someone helps you, you say thanks. When you receive a gift or a compliment you say thanks. You have received something, therefore your spontaneous reaction is to say thanks.

Why is it hard to thank Him? For we still believe He’s withholding something from us. So we seek Him with our pleas and requests. We don’t look up to behold His eyes from where our help arrives. If we did, we’d see the Lamb, and His unfathomable love for us.

When you see that, you would start  thanking the Lord.  You have received in your heart, therefore you start thanking Him. You see the goodness of the Lord before you see the Promised Land.

The Jews rejoiced after they crossed over the Red Sea. They saw the destruction of the enemies who pursued them and then they broke out into a song.

Today, we may not see what is going on behind the scenes. But we give thanks unto the Lord. For we SEE Him with us every step of the way. We SEE His love and therefore we thank Him every moment of the Day.

It is not a mantra or a chant. Thanks emanates from the depth of your heart. It is a sacrifice of praise that we offer unto Him.

Psalm 105 begins with the line “Give thanks to the Lord.” And as you keep on reading you would know why that was written. God’s extravagant love was poured out on the chosen people.

Abraham asked for a son, He gave him a nation! The people cried out for deliverance, He became their deliverer and gave them the Promised Land. They wanted water, He split open the rock! They wanted a way in the desert, He opened up a WAY in the sea! Lavishly He adorned His children with His love!

He is doing the same thing today in your life. You may not see it, feel it or fathom it. Keep walking. You will get to see the abundance of His love explode in your life.

Meditate on His love and goodness till your heart resonates with His. And then there’s only one thing that would happen – out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth can only thank and praise the Lord for His mercy and goodness.

Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good by Jennifer Pugh 12x12 in. Art Print

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