Most Christians complain that they can’t hear God’s voice. What they actually mean is that God is not interested in talking to them. Nothing can be further from the truth. For we worship a God who has eyes to see and ears to hear and He calls Himself the WORD. So how can you say that God isn’t interested in talking to you? If you believe that, you are believing a lie. Even when He was angry, He sent His prophets to convey the message to His people. It was the WORD that sustained them then; it is the WORD that sustains us now.

In fact He constantly tells His people, ‘If YOU have eyes to see or ears to hear, listen to what I am trying to tell you.’ It’s the receiver that needs to be fixed. There’s nothing wrong at the other end.

So, how to fix the receiver?

Shut down the physical eyes and physical ears. Let your spiritual eyes and ears come alive. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in this journey. When your spiritual eyes and ears come alive you will hear from God. You will start living the victorious Christian life.

When Elijah shows up at your doorstep with a command asking for the last piece of bread, if you see things from a natural perspective, you will only see lack and you will hold on to it tightly. But if you walk according to the Spirit, you will know that He is just setting you up for prosperity. The widow heard the voice and responded in faith and she prospered in the midst of a famine.

Expect the unexpected!

Have you walked into a room expecting no one to be there and then someone springs a surprise by popping out from behind the door? That’s what happened when I stumbled upon this blogpost How Birds Can Help You Learn About Your Photography Journey.

What do you expect to read in a photography blog? Tips, tricks, or how-to stuff about photography, right? That’s what I expected when I clicked on the link on FB that lead me to this post. Though I had subscribed to this website, I hadn’t been reading the posts regularly. But this time, I followed the link and I found God waiting to meet me there!

God is so Good! He goes ahead of you preparing a way for you in the desert. This is how He sets the Table for you. Can you spot Him when He shows up?

It’s an awesome post that encourages photographers to persevere in their personal journeys.

When you feel like you don’t know what to do, what’s the next step? Frustrating, isn’t it? I think wisdom is found anywhere, from renaissance statues to butterflies, and even birds. Speaking of which, here’s a weird photography insight that I got by observing them.

Though it is written to photographers, what makes it special is that it can be applied to any undertaking. When Paul encouraged the believers to prophesy, he said, ‘But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them’ (NLT 1 Corinthians 14:3). I am not sure if the writer is aware of that, but that’s exactly what he does through this post. And God used that to bless me.

God can use anything to speak to you. He used the burning bush to capture Moses’ attention; sent a raven to feed a prophet and gave utterance to Balaam’s donkey to overturn the curse into a blessing. As a believer, you tend to go to the right places to get  spiritual food. The church, Bible, Christian blogs etc. But you don’t really expect to hear from God in a photography blog. Atleast I didn’t when I visited the page.

But He says, ‘all your hairs are numbered, not a sparrow falls to the ground without my knowledge.’ That means He knows everything about you, the path you’d take – even while surfing online!

So expect Him to show up anywhere, anytime, anyhow. That’s how you can hear His voice. Don’t limit God by looking for Him ONLY in the Bible, in the sermons, in the music, and in the Christian Magazine. God is speaking all the time not just during your prayer time.

If He has a message for you, He will deliver it through anyone. Are you willing to receive it?

He is WAITING to talk to you. Shut out the noise of the world and LISTEN to the voice of the SHEPHERD, the loving FATHER. It will be the beginning of the grandest adventure in your life.

[Photo Credit:  CC0 Public Domain –]

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