Day 04

Dear writer,

A week ago, you never existed in my realm. Not even as a dream, vision or thought. When I started writing these posts, I didn’t know why I was doing it. One fine day, I just knew I had to utter the word – Writer, Arise!

You might be reading this a year from now, or eons later in time. And I might never get to know what this means to you. But remember that this is not just a random thing.

 I had nothing to say to you today, until I stumbled upon this video. Clarity descended like a dove and revealed a beautiful truth. And I knew why he had chosen me to speak to you during this season.

  • Be His Beloved

God LOVES you. He wants you to KNOW that TODAY. Yes, right now, He wants you to bask in His presence. Delight yourself in His love and He will fill you with His incredible desires.

  • Find His Joy

 God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only Son

 Jesus, the WORD, became the Living Gift and walked among us. Throughout the Bible, God chose people to BE like Him – a living gift. In Him, we are transformed into ‘living gifts.’ So, right now, He wants to use all of your experiences, talents and gifts to transform the world through your writing. Your words will change the lives of many.

‘As He is, so are we in this world.’ 1 John 4:17

I am not here to teach you the tricks of the trade. There are tons of awesome writers, bloggers, teachers and professors out there who will help you with that. Learn the craft, polish your skills – let iron sharpen iron.

Living gift, come,

Be my eyes, hands and feet.

Let’s go out and do good

With prose and poetry.

 I am here to nourish those who know the craft, yet are reluctant to create art.

 You are the one He is calling. He wants to give you as the living gift to this broken, sick and suffering world.


Nov 12, 2016 

Watch Video:

Shawn Bolz stories- How to come into your destiny: Charles Jones

 Transcript (Gist):

‘Sean I am super frustrated in my spirit. For I have the whole map laid out in front of me…(GIST: I have heard many prophecies about my life)… but nothing has come to pass.


I sat there for a minute and then said, ‘Charles, have you thought about the audience that you are going to be singing for? I heard that you are going to fill stadiums and be on the radio, and all these different venues and music directors are going to seek you out.

But who are you writing these songs for?

Have you seen who is going to fill the stadiums?

Have you fallen in love with them?

B’cos as an artist, there has to be an artist that falls in love with them and then it puts a demand on your calling. Because they are your destiny. Your destiny isn’t the stuff you’re gonna do. Your destiny is the people you love. So have you fallen in love yet?’


And he goes, ‘I, I’ve never thought of that.’


‘Go in your prayer time, just visualizing and picturizing it in your heart. Picture the people who God is going to let into your life. To listen to your music and be touched by the culture of love that you have and start to say – God, I love them. I choose to love the way Christ loves the church, I choose to love like Jesus.

In Hebrews 12:2 we find that He endured the cross for the joy set before Him, which is us and He could pay any price. So Charles go find the joy set before you.’

P.S: Dear Child of God, find the joy set before you – the way I found you. Listen to the voice speaking in your heart and then you shall know your audience, the tone, the setting, the genre for your work of art. 

All things will be added unto you, when you find His Joy, His treasure, His lost sons and daughters who dwell among you. 

Find them, and out of you shall flow rivers of life.

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