Nov 15 2016

God incidence!

Haven’t logged in to globallegacy for quite some time. Suddenly felt compelled to log in after dinner. When I did, god-incidentally chanced upon a live broadcast.

As I was wondering why I had been led to this event, the chat box sprung up and an intern, Alexa, said that she was going to prophesy over people who had tuned in.

Surprise: this has never happened before!

While I was waiting, Paul and Julie blessed us with their testimonies, healed the pain and commissioned us to take up the assignments and just ‘do it.’

Julie: ‘You don’t have to be a victim of your gender. Go out and be the best version of you.’

Within a short while, the chat box opens and I received my first prophesy.

Elated, I sent a thank you note.

Another surprise!

Within a few minutes, another intern(Rebecca) prophesied over me.

Ecstatically pleased!

Definitely the words contained life, but what astounded me was the way in which He did it.

God is amazing, He is ALWAYS one step ahead of me. He knows my tomorrow. He knows the page I will visit online and He is already there! Through a message, He reveals the way He sees me in this season.

Today, I had written about getting a fresh pair of eyes. Already He’s given me one! Through the words of the faithful interns, He’s breathed life into my identity and destiny.

What He did for me, He will do for you dear reader.

May you stumble upon Life’s treasures as you walk with Him. May you chance upon the wonderful surprises that He’s kept along the way. Walk dear one, walk with Him, take His loving hand and walk with Him.

How wonderful it is to know Him, the Beautiful One who chooses to shower His love upon his little children in so many different ways. 

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