Exodus 33:14

What an awesome promise given by the God of all creation!

Of all the things that He could have given, why did He give REST?

Because God is love, and love can’t just stand by the wayside and wave goodbye when His beloved is apprehensive about the journey ahead. Knowing Moses’ fears, God decides to give him the one thing that every heart longs for – Rest. God gave rest that flowed like a river in the desert.

The God of all creation is saying this to you today. I want to go with you and give you rest.  I want to be where you are and take care of all your daily needs as the shepherd cares for his sheep.

The world gives you stress, but I want to be your rest.

Let me be the shield that protects you from the evil eye.

Let me be the doting mother that feeds the child.

Let me walk ahead and pave the way for you.

Let me take your hand and lead you beside the still waters.

Come, take and eat, for I have paid the price.

Come, dance and rejoice, for I have won the battle.

Come, find rest in all that I have done for you.

Come, rest in my presence for I am always with you.


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