God’s vs man’s

Since you don’t care about

God’s opinion of you.

Why do you care about

man’s opinion of you?

The truth is,

You care.

You want to be





and valued.


you do all things

to be praised




and valued

by man.

Toiling for the honor

that comes from man

You  seek the face

that praises today

and denounces tomorrow.

Every day you are tried

at the courts of man

forgetting His mercy seat

that awaits your return.

Suffering for trusting

in your strength, actions

you end up snapping

Under pressure and tension.

Unrested you walk

burdened by their words

till the day arrives

bringing rest in its wings.

But, if you knew God

you’d know the better WAY

the way that is paved

with God’s own rest.

When you love God,

honor, cherish and value

His opinion of you,

you will forget man’s

appraisal and false balances

And find rest

In everything you do.

Unswept by applause

unrippled by criticism

untouched you’ll be

when surrounded by His glory.

When you know God

and His righteousness

You’ll know your are

made righteous by faith.

Learning to rest in Him

You will do

All that glorifies

God and you.

– Vim

Dec 08 2016

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