The Lord sent His Word to the people who were waiting for His arrival. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were chosen to wait upon the Lord. To look for His ways, His guidance and His instructions. Today, the believer is called, chosen, ordained and anointed to wait upon the Lord.

In the Old Covenant, God had a message for the king and the priest. And he sent the message through the prophet who sought him.

In the New Covenant, God speaks to His sons, heirs, chosen generation and royal priests. The message of God’s love goes out to all nations. But His secrets are reserved for His friends, the ones who follow Him. God reveals His thoughts to them.

For the son will do what the Father does. Servants can’t do that. They simply obey orders.

So if you want to hear God’s voice clearly, grow in sonship.

You are the sons of God and God delights in talking to you.


God will send His prophets to counsel the kings of the land. It is the church that can speak life into the public spheres. The others are speaking fear, lies and falsehood.

When you see something stagnate in your sphere, you arise and speak life into that situation.God’s divine favor will redeem and restore that area.

– Vim 

Additional Reading

Lord loves and delights in you? It’s true! – Alisha Gratehouse

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