Build my house, said the Lord of hosts.

It’s not a temple in a specific piece of land. It’s easy to interpret it that way and start claiming your neighbor’s territory.

When Haggai gave this message to Zerubbabel, he wanted them to honor God in their lives.

  1. Put God first.

That’s the point. Let God be the King of your heart. Acknowledge Him in all of your ways and He will guide you. And when He rules, the enemy flees. What more do you want in life?!

  1. Build what He is asking you to build

God draws your attention to something. He wants you to concentrate on that. It is fear that is keeping you from stepping into that zone.

Why are things not working out for you? Because He wants you to get into what He has planned for you. But you are the one who is stalling.

Building projects: You’ve always wanted to explore the book of Isaiah or Ephesians. But you’ve never done that. Maybe God wants to reveal something important through that and you are delaying it.

A simple hobby. You’ve always wanted to do it. But you’ve never ‘found the time’ to pursue it.

God will speak to you about your project. It is specifically designed for you. You need to seek God to know what it is.

The outcome: You do this because you know that God is drawing your attention to this area and He wants you to work on that. What you build with the inspiration of God will bring glory to God. God is glorified in what you accomplish! And God glorifies you through the process.

The hobby can turn into a million dollar business. The Book of Isaiah can lead you to access the treasures of His heart.


Seek God and start building what He’s asking you to build. Let God be glorified in your life.

Jan 04 2017

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