Why did He create?
Why did He create two separate spaces?
What is the meaning of this division, separation?

Two settings were created. That’s it.
Where is the third setting that man is so afraid of?
If it is not in the blueprint, how does it exist in the heart of man?
Where is Dante’s inferno? If it didn’t begin in the beginning when and where did it originate?

First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see.

(Gen 1:1 MSG)

The story begins.
Time begins, not God.
In the beginning is our reference point.

God is in the sentence.
He is the prime mover of this sentence.
No explanation is given for His existence.
No cause, No reason.

He is.
He is there when the story begins.

If you want to know Him more, you’ve got to listen to the story. The story unveils the face of God. If you desire to see His face, step into this beautiful journey.

Joy on earth is to see Him with eyes of faith.

So, let’s pursue Him, His face, heart, desires and thoughts. Let’s get to see Him in the land of the living.

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