Another such moment was when I was in an excruciating court battle and my children had to testify. This hurt me more than words could ever say. I wanted to protect them. The LORD wanted me to trust His protection. But more than that, He taught me another lesson about what it means to serve Him in all aspects of our lives.

One of my daughters approached me while I was weeping for my children. She said, “Mom, you are Ai Wei Dei”. This was a term given to Gladys Aylward, a missionary we had studied. Children she had rescued were calling her by this name, which meant, “virtuous one”. When my daughter called me by that name, she saw a woman in prayer and word, desperate for God’s intervention. But when she spoke those words, God spoke to me another word – just as Gladys had been on a mission to protect children, so was I. This was a calling and a purpose to guide my children through a painful, difficult season.

The preparations, headaches, hassle and stress from being falsely accused in court? They were part of a mission to protect my children. Oh, I was available – I honestly did not have a choice. But I did have a choice to fight for them and pray for them. God ultimately gave victory in court, but my perspective on what it means to be on a mission was transformed that day.

3 things I learned from this post:

  1. The way of the Lord is way different from the ways of man.
  2. God wants to empower His daughters, therefore He is unfazed by the situations that come against them.
  3. Women have a choice to fight for (seek, knock, speak out, ask for) what they believe. And God is willing to help them. It’s the church that needs to make up its mind about standing with them in their hour of need.





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