April 18 2017


Lighted upon a writer
Camfield’s richly detailed memoir of a lifetime of dreams is both insightful and reassuring. Though not all of her dreams have been realized and some are long forgotten, Camfield, a writer, speaker, and development director for Caris (a nonprofit counseling organization), remains faithful to her belief that God will lead her through dreams that define what she can offer to the world—rather than what the world can give to her.
Throughout the book, she refers to her realization of God’s sovereignty over our dreams, hopes, and aspirations as “the Stirring.” She writes, “I’d say the Stirring was a moment: an awareness of the holy in the midst of the everyday that simultaneously brought clarity and chaos to my space in the world.”
Dreams may take a turn that requires a great deal of courage and faith in God, she writes, but each one part of a personal journey that should lead to accepting God’s plan: “For his is the voice that sustains us as we step into our dreams. His is the voice that calls us to step into the parts of ourselves that were just waiting.”
Not intended to define dreams or help readers ascertain why some dreams don’t come to fruition while others do, Camfield’s book instead puts one woman’s dreams into perspective based on her life experiences, her faith in God’s direction, and her willingness to move forward in God’s word.

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Knowing what we want to be and being intentional about getting there are two different things. I think how many people want to become but don’t have a plan, people that let the chaos of life push them around and get them off course, people that don’t keep holding the dream out in front of them despite the crashing of the waterfall and continue to take small steps in the same direction until they eventually end up at the place they, by faith, believed they might end up.

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