The semi-weekly e-mail from The Passion Translation.

06/12/2017 – I Hear His Whisper…”Mature Love”

Child, it was My love that tugged your heart and pulled you to Myself. My love won your battles that raged within. Sin was overcome, your discouragement was defeated, and a new day dawned because My love broke through. Now I call you to mature love—a love that will not be defeated by the weaknesses of others.

You have asked, “What is the purpose of my life? What is it that you desire for me to do?” I want you to Love with a stronger love than yesterday. Whatever pursuits you have, let them be second place to My love. Nothing is as strong and enduring as Eternal Love. Nothing can diminish it and nothing can distance you from it. Your calling is to greater love, not greater fame. Others seek ministry, but you must seek My heart of love. Some seek wealth or greatness, but you must discover divine love with all its pleasant fruits.

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