Two Doves

A new journey begins when God calls you to fly Come away with me, for you are mine. He comes as the dove to fetch you with His love to bring you to the place that no eye has seen nor ear heard what He has prepared for the one He loves. Vim 7-17-2017    …

Poetry Six-Word Challenge

While I wait
for words to come alive
from the depths of my heart,
My mind brings forth
the living word
that was uttered ages ago

Poetry is
Deep calling unto deep.

The Abundant Heart

Poetry =
to your heart

Last night I was batting around some ideas for ways to define poetry in six words—okay, essentially four words, since the first two are “Poetry =” (i.e. Poetry equals). I called for backup from my friend Charles Robert Lindholm of The Reluctant Poet, and together this is what we came up with. Then I decided to make this a challenge to see how many different ways we could all come up with to define poetry in four words.

Many thanks to Nicola Aukland, the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller for the second half of my inspiration, based on her six-word story challenge.

To participate:

  1. Write your 6-word definition, beginning with Poetry = and then add four more words to define what poetry means to you. The number of lines does not matter, only the number of words.
  2. Either post it on your blog or…

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The World To Me

This is what God wants too!
A loving relationship with You!

the one who created the heavens and the earth
has called you to walk along with Him
to see what He sees
to know what He knows
to believe what He believes
about everything He sees

What a beautiful privilege
to know God
and fellowship with Him on earth.

The Chatter Blog

I have a picture of me with my children.

It’s a picture someone took from behind us,

As we watched a parade.

Years from now,

Maybe even now,

Others might not know who it is.

But it’s one of my favorite pictures of us.

I never quite figured out why.

Until tonight when I was thinking of the picture.

And I thought,

It’s allure and draw,

What captures my heart every time,

Is that in that moment,

And hopefully so many other moments,

We are looking at the world.


And I like that.

I want to always know that what I see,

And who I see it with

Is the world to me.

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