God doesn’t tell us to go out and pursue a career, a wife or husband, a nice car, or a retirement. God tells us to pursue what is most important, what we should treasure above all else, to PURSUE HIM. Our joy, hope, excitement and thrill in life should be enveloped by our relationship with God. All those aforementioned things should be side thoughts. They really don’t matter in the scope of eternity.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life being the third wheel, or talking with friends who have found the love of their lives. Praise God! That is great, love and marriage are a gift from God, just like singleness is! But here’s my point, when two people have been dating for a while, they begin to fall in love. Over time, their relationship turns from physical attraction to infatuation. They become love birds, and the minds of the lovers gradually become filled with thoughts of each other.

This is the kind of relationship that God desires to have with us. For us to have God as the true treasure in our hearts – for us to be in constant awe of the marvelous God that we love.

Source: https://dailyps.com/fight-for-your-heart/




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