At the time, I was beginning to write “Caring Lessons,” a memoir of my nursing career, and got myself twisted into knots trying to figure out where I could find the voice I was supposed to find. Finally, a classmate told me, “Lois, just pretend you are driving in the dark and telling your passenger your story. That’s your voice.

”Well, I wished I’d have known that from the beginning. I’d have saved myself a lot of angst. But then she added, “Of course, that’s only the start. Then you need to revise and apply the craft of writing.

”Bummer. But, she was right. My rambling in the car would not be art; it would be more like a journal entry.

And now, with the ideas from this article about writing in between worlds, I wonder how my living in exile, due to my move from a large to a small city, from one world to another, from one culture to another, affects my voice.

Source: Write Along with Me #3: Writing In Between Worlds


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