With a flippant disregard for the truth and the facts or a serious and profound contemplation of the consequences and devastation that may ensue, we still make choices that haven’t been the best for us.Some, but not many were for the betterment of others.  A knowing sacrifice, a kind gesture or other noble and loving motivation may cause us to choose against our own self interest.  Those times in life can be the best in our lifetime.  But honestly, most times, well you know!  We could have or should have made a different choice.

Source: The First Baby Step of The Reluctant Poet


You think you know everything
Before making the choice
But’s it’s only after the fruit is eaten
the scales fall off the eyes

Choices, choices
You can’t run or hide
You’ve got to make those choices
That reveal the unhidden mystery called life.

  • Vim

Daily prompt: Hidden

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