Look and Live

I hesitated, fearing, for my sin
Was much too great, I thought with deep chagrin.
How could a simple look undo my wrong?
In misery I lay there all day long.

But God, Who ever loves me by His grace,
Compelled a friend to ‘stand me face to face:
“God made the way. If you will just believe,
Then look, dear friend, your healing to receive.”

I looked…

The Abundant Heart

Based on Numbers 21:4-9

Serpent on pole 02The blundering fools, why must they murmur so?
But I was one of them, and yes, I know
The judgment of our God is swift and sure;
His aim: a people holy, chaste and pure.

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In every tuft…

How great is our God!
We look at the space and wonder at the sun, moon and twinkling stars
But His greatness is revealed in the little things that surround us
A tuft of feather caught my eye and I was filled with wonder
How on earth did He conceive this in His mind?
Soft, silky, tender strands held together by a shaft
that’s both tender and strong!
How? How? How?
How did you create this?
What a fascinating person God is!
Worthy of all honor, all glory, all praise.

– Vim

Sacred Touches

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.48.35 PM.png
**Image found on Pinterest; text added by Natalie

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