2 thoughts on “Where Did God Come From?

    1. Hi,

      Sorry I took such a long time to respond to this. I was looking for a photo that I had seen somewhere. And I found it today. https://tinyurl.com/ya9epkxy

      The caption says,
      “If you look at these photos they look like a dog, rabbit and cat. But when you zoom on them individually you will see the BEAUTY of the photography…”

      That’s what I felt when I heard the answer.
      I felt the beauty. And beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes.

      The Author makes it sound like a bedtime story. But the opening line of the Book is not as simple as it seems to be.

      One sentence. 10 words and He’s talked about time, space and matter!
      Wow! How did I not see this before?
      Because no one told me about it.

      So when I heard it, I was stunned.
      The Awesome Narrator who knows ALL things has CONTAINED himself within ten words when He begins to narrate the greatest story ever told.

      I could finally see it.
      See His beauty.
      Physics in Poetry!

      I can almost hear you say
      ‘you haven’t answered my question again!’ 🙂

      If you aren’t satisfied with the answer in the video,
      keep looking for it dear friend.
      For it will find you one fine day
      in the fullness of time.



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