Inspired by the phrase: ‘Speak the truth in love.’


Knowing the truth has set you free
You’re bubbling with life, God’s energy.
Something has happened deep inside of you
A lightning from heaven has shot through your veins.
Yesterday’s gone and you don’t even care
Cos He’s here and nothing else matters.

If God is for you, who can be against you!

The future looks bright, the sun wears a smile
Even when it rains, you know it’s gonna be alright.
You look at the birds, you look at the night sky
You join their song and feel no pain
Intoxicated by something that’s better than wine,
Forever you’re floating on God’s cloud nine.

Brimming with joy, you wait for his footsteps
To share the good news of what’s growing within you.
The look in the eyes didn’t cherish the seed
Can birds build nests in a barren desert and sea?

When men couldn’t stand the radiance of Moses
They didn’t cover their eyes with dark sunglasses
They gave him a veil and asked him to hide
None was interested in pursuing God’s smile.

What can God do when men wouldn’t enter
into His joy and into his rest?
How can men find peace in amoeboids and atoms
All things work together for no purpose or plan?

Chaos and confusion, bitterness and strife
Abel was not created to fall by Cain’s knife.
Slowly you become blind to one another’s misery
You don’t bat an eyelid even when the cut runs deep.
Hope persists and you keep looking for life
You wander again into those dark eyes
Remembering the covenant you persist and hang on
hoping for mirages to give way to spring.

God was waiting not with joy
as he saw His children perish in the desert soil.
You look for a wonder, miracle and sign
beyond the manna, water and rain.
‘For the Jews require a sign,
and the Greeks seek after wisdom’
Pushing you to wrestle with ‘speak the truth in love.’

Hagar can’t watch the piercing sword
Rush through the body of her dear child
She looks away and tries to hide her eyes
Caught in a man’s world that God didn’t design.
Violence and pain, bloodshed’s gain
Are not hidden from the King of kings’ eyes.
His love never fails and never runs out,
His thoughts are way higher than ours, my child.

Rejoice O barren, Sing a new song
For your Maker is your husband,
The Lord of hosts is His name;
And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.
His voice resounds through the deserted plain
Living waters start flowing again
Hagar’s son shall not die of thirst
For God is the Father – merciful, kind and just.
Delighting not in the death of his sons
He came to be the bread of our precious life
In Him we live, love and reign
Trust me my beloved, We’re carrying abundant life.

A desert isn’t a desert when He is with you
He is the Eden, when you are with Him.
Bread shall not decay when you learn to rest,
Life can’t be sealed up by the Roman Stone’s crest.

Jan 24/25/26 – #firstdraft