Today, Psalm 142, reminded me of a mother who is taking care of an adult child with mental illness.

Dear mothers, blessed caretakers,

May the Lord arise to take care of you.
May the Lord send His sons and daughters to set the captives free.

The Lamb has paid the price, let the children go. No more shall you touch their precious souls.

Even as you read, let their chains be broken.
Let their eyes of understanding be open to know the Lord.

Let the Lord breathe upon them and let their spirit, soul and bodies be totally renewed and restored.


Based on Psalm 142.

Fear not blessed soul
For the Lord has heard your voice.
Your supplication has been heard Your day of restoration is near.

Your troubles you’ve brought
To the courts of mercy and grace.
You’ve sought the Lord
You’ve waited for the rain.
When your spirit was overwhelmed
you trusted in the Lord,
‘I thirst’ said the Meek, to strengthen you with His love.

The Lord speaks of your love
Declares it in the heavens above.
For you’ve followed him
Leaving everything behind.
You didn’t go away to do your own thing
You didn’t go out in your own strength
When Absalom tried to usurp God’s plans
David emptied himself in the presence of His King.

Rejoice, my beloved I know your path.
I know the traps the enemy has laid.

Can the Prince of the world destroy the holy seed?
Can the wisdom of the world fathom the depths of my mind?

‘Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.’

Behold the Lord reigns at the right hand of my Father.
He is my redeemer, my Joy, my King
What no man can do, He has done for me.
His sent His Holy Spirit to dwell within me.
Therefore I approach His Holy throne
To ask for the deliverance that comes from the Lord.

Boldly I stand in the presence of dear Angels
But the accuser shall be petrified at the sound of His voice.
I see the Lord rejoicing over me
This is my reward in the presence of principalities.

Esau lost the kingdom for a bowl of tasty soup.
My bread of life, in Him I’m being renewed.

When refuge fails me,
When no one cares
When none can walk beside me
Dear Spirit, you are there.

My comforter is near.
He’s resting within me.
He fills my mouth with praise
In the presence of my enemies.
You are my refuge, and my blessed portion
I shall find your deliverance in the land of the living.

Dear Father, O inseparable One
You didn’t forsake Jesus in His darkest moment
For a short while you let Pharoah think
He can chase the anointed and just not sink.

Heaven and earth colluded to destroy the Holy seed,
While Jesus carried all of His creation’s pain and misery.

On the third day the tables were turned
The angels rejoiced singing, ‘joy to the world.’
Forever He shall reign upon David’s throne,
The Savior has risen! Let all creation sing.
New heavens, new earth I see within me
A heart of love He’s given, all bloodshed shall flee.

Crowned with glory and with honor,
The persecutors’ hand couldn’t hold the Son.

This is who I am, This is what I do
O my beloved, I will restore you.

Can a mother forget her nursing child?
Have I not engraven you upon the palms of my hand?

I shall break the chains, I shall bring you out
That you may sing all the days of your life.
I will deal bountifully with you my child,
The righteous shall surround you in the path of life.


#song: Break Every Chain

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