April 05 2018

When God speaks to man, He wants something that exists in the spiritual to become manifest in the natural.

  1. Since we are unaware of the unseen realm, God wants to reveal it to us. Either His plans or the plans of the enemy.

The revelation comes first.

Then we carry that revelation and walk by faith.

We might walk on water on Sunday.

sink on Monday,

cast out demons on Tuesday,

ponder on Wednesday,

meander on Thursday,

rise above the tide on Friday,

put the enemy to flight on Saturday,

And enter into His rest again on Sunday.

What’s happening during this time?

The promise is tested and tried in the furnace of our hearts.

  1. He wants the ‘ideal’ to be birthed in the natural.

If something is not ready to be birthed in the natural, why would God want to reveal it?

The point is, if the Church has received a word, promise, revelation, truth or prophecy from God, it means God is going to fulfill it.

The spiritual world invaded the natural world when the word became flesh and dwelt among them. He was their promised land but they didn’t enter into His rest.

He died and rose again. And then the disciples’ eyes were opened.

When they received the Holy Spirit they entered into His rest.

Rest became their weapon as they carried the truth about Jesus, the resurrected Lord.

Likewise, God has given us His promises. The promise that all creation is groaning for. We’ve got it in our hands.

We just need to continue to believe and confess the truth. The day of the manifestation of the promise is near.

Noah did what He was called to do. He didn’t waver from the task.

Abraham, Jesus, Anna, Simeon, Simon, Paul and all the faithful ones remained faithful to their calling.

When they left the world behind and clung to the promise that came from the unseen realm, every ideal gift that existed in the spiritual realm left the spiritual domain and entered the natural realm.

I think it’s time for the manifestation of all that He has freely given to us. Amen.
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

1 Corinthians 2:12

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