The Beginning – John 1:5
In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.
The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Darkness has not overcome it. come-and-dine
Darkness can’t extinguish it.
Darkness hasn’t put it out.
Darkness hasn’t mastered it.
Darkness did not perceive it.
Darkness did not comprehend it.
(From various translations)

Darkness couldn’t comprehend the inseparability of Light, Love, Life.

When darkness sought light without love, it couldn’t find it.

(Aside: Nor can you find it when you are looking for it in the dark. How will you see, recognize, or know the truth in the dark?

Without light how will you know if it’s a stone or a pearl?

The purpose of life can’t be found in the darkness. 

The light has to be turned on. Jesus is the light and only when you see the world through His eyes life will make sense. 

If you don’t, you’ll continue to stumble in the dark.)

When love died in its heart, light died, life died. The being that was once filled with light, life and love fell. Adam fell too.

Like a comet that shoots through the space and falls into the heart of the ocean, The sons descended to the depths. (O how thankful we ought to be for the depths – the watery abyss, wind, Holy Spirit – the third person in the Trinity. Cos justice would have been instant if it had been dry land.)

The Holy Spirit brooded over the chaos.

And Mary stood outside the tomb and wept for Lazarus.

Before the foundation of the world, Jesus wept. 

The tears didn’t prevent Him from creating life. He took the tears, the precious pearls, the costly seeds and sowed it in the depths of His heart.

He dared to create life in the face of death. He had to. Because He loved the world and didn’t want to censor His thought that was rooted in love. Exercising His freewill He created beings that would walk with perfect freewill.

But they wouldn’t be puppets. Separated from the string, the kite could wander far away from the hand that holds it. And that separation would produce pain. Pain that He was willing to endure because He loved the world so much.

And therefore He gave Himself for it before Time began. He did it because He knew that one day, He’d come and defeat death. He knew He’d come with healing in His wings.

Aside: A child chases the kite that has drifted away from its hands. When the child finds the kite will he/she tear it apart? Shred it into pieces? No, the child will take the time to mend it.

Likewise, will He not love, pursue the child of His heart? Then why do we believe we are headed towards a God who’s waiting to slaughter us?

His love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on His dream, His poema, His workmanship, His delight, His apple of the eye. And that’s you. 

He created all things because He knew He could restore all things.

By faith, the worlds were created.

By faith, He uttered the word.

And that word dwells within us! When we speak the word that He’s given, we speak the truth and the truth bears fruit. The truth produces life.

And that’s how we practice truth! 

Continue to Abide24/7 in Him!

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