It’s not a coincidence!

Top Right Ponies

I’ve never clicked on that link in BlueletterBible. Today I did, and guess what – ‘World Prayer Today’ is going to pray for Tamil Nadu tomorrow. WOW! That’s perfect timing!

“Only through the dark period of our lives were we able to see the light …”May 10, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today. Our journey through South Asia continues as we stop in Kerala, India, and hear this encouraging report: God has been there all along.

Join us tomorrow as we pray alongside believers in Tamil Nadu.


The god-incidence reminded me of the keyword ‘CosmicQuest’ – a word that’s defining my journey, my walk with God. ‘An online traveler looking for treasures hidden in earthen vessels.’

Today, Google brought me to this page:


By John McConnell, 88 year old founder of Earth Day
For United Nations Earth Day Ceremony, March 20, 2004

In the present explosion of information and knowledge, from discovery in Space of immense black holes to finite quarks, the one thing that keeps coming back is the mystery of love. When we see a mother holding a baby, when in the most tragic things that happen, here and there we see individuals of compassion and love, the mystery strikes home to our heart.” Read more.

The last paragraph is so relevant to our times. 

“Act now, with faith and love, to expose and reject the human addiction to violence, greed and war. Do your part and urge others to do the same — and our Cosmic Quest will see a global turn toward peace!”

Finally, one thing is clear. Even if you can’t travel anywhere, God’s calling you to travel the world on your knees.

Become a cosmic traveler!

Become the water that evaporates into the realms of heaven. Meet the cloud of witnesses, sit at Jesus’ feet, gaze at His face, know His thoughts, plans and desires. And then when you are refreshed, be the rain that falls upon the earth.

May your word nourish the land.





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