It's a fake, fake world
human bots in the air
videos posted everywhere
for 30 likes and instashare
Can anyone believe?
Anything anymore?
Oh! What is the truth?
Where is the shore?
Where is the beacon
in this snap chatty sham?
Is everyone here
to whip up a scam?
A man stages a fight,
the other plays along
dumbwittingly I tweet
'The world's gone to the dogs.'  

'No!' says the cat.
'We rule the internet!'
Bots and AI,
the end timed church.
The spiraling eye is raptured
in videos that go viral
Man stumbles not
seeing light in the tunnel.

Fake, fake, fakesters
why do you post lies?
Littering the air waves
with serpentine wiles?
Would you do anything?
Would you sell your soul?
For 15 secs of fame
on the social media store?
There's a man on the street
beaten, bruised and broken
by another who’s forgotten
to be what he is to be.
Matilda's screams
heard no more in the land
the dying are forgotten
when you post scams
Living in a world full of eyes that can't hear
creation sighs, groans everywhere.
Submerged in a deluge of fakedom
Can I find rest, awhile in peace?
Will I find you
when I'm thrown overboard
Will you hear me
or is the belly also taken?
#Netizen's life in 2018

Inspired by:

Staged viral video
Real robbery in the Bronx

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