Mattias Storm: "Supper in Emmaus", 1601
Emmaus is a place in named in the Bible, where Jesus had supper with two followers.
Mattias Storm: “Supper in Emmaus”, 1601
Disciples walk in authority over the storm that threatens peace;
Converts crawl and hide when thunder and lightning strikes.
Cos converts look for the manna they can hoard for the days of rest;
They wander in  'what is it' land without knowing the heart that is Blessed.
Converts look for Jesusmultiplied bread that perishes;
Water for survival, not the wellspring of life that brings revival.
But the disciples of the Lord  are there where He is
On earth as in heaven, with whom the Father is well-pleased.
Knowing who they are, in Christ they arise and shine;
Setting hearts on fire, they bring Bread and Wine.

Ignited by the words – Disciples and converts.

On this day, while listening to Andrew Wommack, the words ‘disciples and converts’ sparked a revival within me.

This is one of the reasons the church I believe has lost a lot of its influence. And it isn’t making the impact that it’s supposed to because we have not been making disciples but we’ve been making converts.

We’ve been telling people that ‘you’re going to hell if you don’t repent; so repent, and receive salvation.’

And you have people coming to conferences and crusades where they pray a prayer but their minds aren’t renewed. – Observing All Things – Andrew Wommack

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