Ephesians 1:5 TPT

For it was always in His perfect plan to adopt us as His delightful children, So that His tremendous grace that cascades over us would bring him glory - for the same love He has for His Beloved one, Jesus, He has for us! Eph 1:5 TPT

Faith in What We Don’t See

Dear Faithwalkers, Do not lose hope. Continue to do good in the land of the living. We have a wonderful Father who is walking with us in this journey. Faith is dwelling inside of us. Let Him flow. Let Him increase. Let the faith of God overtake our thoughts, destroy the strongholds of unbelief and strengthen…

Look and Live

I hesitated, fearing, for my sin
Was much too great, I thought with deep chagrin.
How could a simple look undo my wrong?
In misery I lay there all day long.

But God, Who ever loves me by His grace,
Compelled a friend to ‘stand me face to face:
“God made the way. If you will just believe,
Then look, dear friend, your healing to receive.”

I looked…

The Abundant Heart

Based on Numbers 21:4-9

Serpent on pole 02The blundering fools, why must they murmur so?
But I was one of them, and yes, I know
The judgment of our God is swift and sure;
His aim: a people holy, chaste and pure.

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