Mending Fragile Things

God never intended for the fragile things of this world to retain the pristine condition of a newborn. The living God means for us to live. And living inevitably brings with it wear and breakage. And so grace reaches its climax by mending fragile, beloved things. That’s what we mean by resurrection. In the resurrection,…


Spiritual Song Sunday: By Faith

By faith Abel offered… By faith Noah… By faith Abraham… Through faith also Sara… By faith Isaac… By faith Jacob… By faith Joseph… By faith Moses… By … Source: Spiritual Song Sunday: By Faith By Faith - Galkin Evangelistic Team

At the moment: Healing Journey

I had the perfect plan on paper. I knew the exact amount of time I was going to spend on each project that I had taken up. But then, life happened while I was busy making those plans. A few weeks ago Fever entered the prohibited territory, the uninvited 'guest' snuck in and made itself comfortable without a warning. 3 weeks on, I'm still recovering from it.